What's In Your Bag, Ed?

I always take advantage of any opportunity to streamline my life. Think of it as minimalism within reason. To that end, here's what I've whittled my work bag down to:

 Kenneth Cole Mess-ica Simpson Bag

Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag.jpeg

I did as little searching as Zappos would let me, and in the end I bought this jack of all trades. Kinda weatherproof, minimal pouches, but they’re where they need to be. That counts for something.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (White)

Galaxy Tab 10.jpeg

The original. Samsung stunted its growth and it’ll forever run on Ice Cream Sandwich, but it does what I ask it to, which is stream Google Music and check news sites at work. When it eventually moves on to greener pastures I will absolutely replace it with a smaller one. Big tablets are for the home, kids.

iPhone 4

iphone 4.png

It’s basically a backup phone in case my Nexus 4 battery empties out due to a rogue app. It’s also the best damn point-and-shoot camera on the market.

BlackBerry Curve 9360

blackberry 9360.jpeg

For business travel, and that’s pretty much it for this fossil.

At-A-Glance Monthly Planner

at a glance calendar.jpeg

I really do try to keep everything digital, but I still feel like all various electronic calendars do a poor job at telling me at a glance what I’m supposed to do that week. This calendar is my to-do list for work since I can see how often I push back projects. A little self-analysis goes a long way.

Parker Jotter


parker jotter.jpg

I generally use mechanical pencils at work and home. They never leak and the good ones you can pass on to your children when you die. If you have to use a pen on the go, the Parker Jotter is a true American classic. It’s reliable, durable, stylish, and with a ten dollar price tag, it’ll spare you some pain if you lose it on your travels.

Field Notes notebook

field notes.jpeg

I’m on the Field Notes bandwagon. They’re rugged, weathered, handy, and made in America; the way America used to. 

USB cables for iPhone & Nexus 4

Because nothing lasts forever.

Microfiber cloth

Don’t be gross.

Sanitizing wipes and Tissues

For life.